Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bates Carnival and Broomhall Cup

Carnival season is underway!   Back to Rumford last weekend for the Bates Carnival.  We jumped right into the deep end with a 15/20k mass start classic - quite a way to introduce the new kids to the carnival circuit!  This was a day where experience mattered - our senior men showed how it was done with a pair of stellar races.  Jackson finished 21st, with Tyler close behind in 28th.  Both of them skied smart, well-paced races - they used the pack to their advantage, skiing in the draft and moving up when opportunities arose.  Super smooth and relaxed technique as well - they both looked fantastic.  Mac skied a great race as well, with a nice PR of 43rd.  These three guys hit a new level in their skiing on Friday - hopefully we can keep this going.  The youngsters handled themselves pretty well also, with Ellie in particular showing some spark and moving up steadily throughout the race.

This race also doubled as the Broomhall Cup, Maine's collegiate state championship.  Jackson (2nd) and Tyler (3rd) earned First Team All-State honors, with Mac (7th) and Hannah Miller (7th) named to the Second Team.  As a team, we finished third behind Bates and Colby in a closely-contested race, but our men were the top scoring team, which was pretty cool.

Saturday's skate was cold and windy - a very tough day to be a ski racer, especially after emptying the tank so thoroughly the day before.  Hannah Miller bounced back from a minor illness with a ton of fire, scoring a big skate PR of 9th place!  This was really quite impressive considering how she'd been feeling for the last few days - a great display of determination.  Mac had the best race of the day for men with a new PR yet again - his 35th place finish was by far the best skate race I've seen from him.  Overall, a very encouraging start to the season.  I'm confident that we'll keep getting better as we head to Stowe for the UVM Carnival this weekend.

Here are some action photos from loyal parent-alum Greg Askins, as well as a shot of Hannah in the awards ceremony from Emily Bloch.  Thanks to all of the parents for their support this weekend, especially Ron and Deb Aseltine, who generously hosted the entire women's team.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Rumford Classic Time Trial

It's all time trials all the time for Bowdoin Nordic.  We were back at it again today with a classic time trial at Black Mountain with Bates and Colby.  Nice cold day, hard tracks, and crisp snow - perfect.  Another good showing by the team, despite the heavy training load they've had this week.  Hannah won for the women, with Tyler and Jackson solid for the men in 3rd and 5th, respectively.  It was nice for the team to get a look at the course we'll be using for the Bates Carnival next week - definitely an advantage to get a trial run beforehand.  Very fun day - thanks to Bates for organizing!


Jeff Tucker COL 29:02:00
Calvin Wight COL 29:32:00
Tyler DeAngelis BOW 29:36:00
Silas Eastman COL 29:45:00
Jackson Bloch BOW 29:57:00
Max Millslagle BAT 30:12:00
Nate Moreau BAT 30:24:00
Malcolm Groves BOW 30:47:00
Connor Regan BAT 31:22:00
Ian Liphart COL 31:23:00
Chris Burnham COL 31:28:00
Cam Regan COL 31:31:00
Samuel Shaheen BOW 32:29:00
Jackson Hall COL 32:33:00
Andrew Egger COL 32:34:00
Gabe Forest COL 32:45:00
George Voight COL 33:00:00
Dylan Thombs BAT 33:11:00
Marshal Landrum BOW 34:42:00
Hudson Macnamee COL 34:53:00
Ben Pratt BAT 35:28:00
August Posch BOW 35:52:00
Taylor Pearlman COL 36:44:00


Hannah Miller BOW 34:49:00
Tara Humphries BAT 35:06:00
Grace Wright BAT 35:30:00
Britta Clark BAT 36:12:00
Shelby Aseltine BOW 36:40:00
Hailie Lange BAT 37:18:00
Mackenzie Hitchcock COL 38:07:00
Helen Sudkamp-Walker BAT 38:15:00
Jenna Hill COL 40:10:00
Kat Chenail COL 40:33:00
Alice Hotopp COL 40:38:00
Hannah Marshall BOW 41:40:00
Emmy Held COL 47:19:00

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Rangeley Time Trial

We're back!  We started off 2015 with a skate time trial with Bates up in Rangeley.  Fun times and a good showing by the team.  Here are results:

Jackson Bloch BOW- 33:05
Tyler DeAngelis BOW- 33:35
Nate Moreau BAT- 33:49
Max Millslagle BAT - 33:50
Malcolm Groves BOW - 34:20
Nick Michaud BAT - 35:02
Connor Regan BAT - 36:32
Wade Rosko - BAT 37:09
August Posch - BOW 37:41
Ben Pratt - BAT 40:37

Hannah Miller BOW - 25:09
Britta Clark BAT - 25:35
Grace Wright BAT - 26:06
Shelby Aseltine BOW - 27:49
Helen Sudkamp-Walker BAT - 28:38
Hannah Marshall BOW - 32:16

Many thanks to Bates for time trialing with us, and thanks also to the folks at Rangeley Lakes Trail Center for grooming for us and providing bibs!

I'm also happy to report that we finally got some snow, and Pineland is open!  Nice OD ski today - hopefully the first of many this year.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fall 2014 Training Video

As exams wind down, here's a video of our training from the past few months.  Here's hoping that next semester is as successful as this one!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The December Grind

The last couple weeks of the semester are always tough - early darkness, variable weather, peak schoolwork, and the cumulative fatigue from months of training make this a very challenging time to stay healthy and mentally focused.  This year has been no exception.  In particular, the weather has been outrageous.  We came home from camp to find some nice snow on the ground, but a little ice followed by days of rain has left us with a mess - ice, sand, and standing water everywhere.  Definitely some of the toughest training conditions I've seen in a long time.  Still, we've made the best of it and have done some good workouts since camp.

Race pace intervals on the athletic fields...

 ...partly facilitated by some human-powered grooming.

 Surprisingly good skiing in the woods around Farley after a surprise snowfall dropped a couple inches on top of our ice sheet.

 Nice conditions at the Quarry Road Opener in Waterville.

Things took a steep dive this week with several days of rain, but we've held it together with some running, erging, agility/power work indoors, and, of course, a little yoga.

The only real low point of the week came in the Maine vs. Vermont 3-on-3 basketball showdown.  Maine won handily on the strength of red-hot outside shooting - a mark of shame on the entire state of Vermont.  Hopefully, a rematch is in the works....

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Camp 2014

Thanksgiving Camp 2014 was fantastic.  We had five days of good skiing - plenty of snow on the 2.5k artificial loop and good rock skiing on the rest of the system that got better throughout the week.  We did a ton of easy skiing and a ton of technique work - lots of filming and trailside analysis every day.  I feel like every single skier made good progress, and we had several breakthroughs - some small, some big.  There was good energy throughout the camp - lots of laughter and foolishness to go along with great enthusiasm and focus.  In my opinion, things couldn't have gone much better - perhaps the best camp we've ever had.  Since any Bowdoin Nordic fan knows that our camps are all about the food, here's a quick rundown of the dinners:  beef & veggie stir fry w/ lo mein noodles, strawberry-spinach salad w/ feta, & carrot cake w/ cream cheese frosting; 2) veggie fried rice w/ chicken & tofu, cabbage salad w/ peanut sauce, caramel covered brownies; 3) lasagna (beef, veggie, & veggie alfredo), strawberry-spinach salad w/ goat cheese, & ice cream/cookie cake.  Here are a few other quick highlights:

- a men's falsetto Taylor Swift medly
- something called "monkeyball" (I still haven't figured out what this is)
- amazing Thanksgiving dinner featuring Jake's ginger gravy
- parking lot speedball vs. UMPI
- Polasky ball on hallowed ground - the site of the original PB game
- time trial with several other EISA teams (men; women)
- the plethora of gold stars amassed by August
- a long adventure ski on our last morning that was much longer than we bargained for...

Overall, a great, great camp.  May the rest of the season go just as well.

Here are some photos, some courtesy of Shelby & Rachel:

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sand Ski Video

Here's a short video of our sand skiing intervals from last weekend: