Saturday, February 18, 2012

Williams Mini-Carnival & Eastern Cup Classic

This weekend's Williams Carnival was relocated to Craftsbury and shortened to a 1-day event. It's hard to believe that Prospect doesn't have enough snow to host a race, when for years they've been one of the go-to sites for other venues lacking snow. It's been that kind of winter. Fortunately, there's plenty of snow in Craftsbury, and we got the most of it today with an all-day classic racing extravaganza. Kaitlynn led the way as the 18th EISA skier. Hannah and Spencer pulled off solid races (33rd and 22nd, respectively) despite feeling off their games. Kevin had the race of the day, scoring his first NCAA points with a 30th place finish - he continues to make impressive progress every week. The Eastern Cup crew raced a 5/10k classic in the afternoon, with some solid performances. Riley was the standout, finishing 16th in what was perhaps his best classic race ever.

Today was a labor-intensive klister day, and we were lucky to have some amazing help on the wax bench today. Tyler, still out of the action with a lingering back injury, stayed on his feet for a LONG day of klister application. Wilson, rehabbing various injuries of his own, did a heroic job of waxing despite the fact that he was actually racing himself (for the first time in 3 weeks); he came to the race early with Tyler and I to wax skis for the girls and chipped in afterward for the Eastern Cup races, and even helped with a little touch-up of Spencer's skis shortly before his own start. Great, great work from both of these guys. Perhaps the most clutch performance of the day was from old friend Tim Whiton - arriving mid-morning to start testing for the Eastern Cup, he stopped by to say hi and ended up jumping right into the mix to help with adjustment's for the men's carnival race. Just like old times - outstanding!

Another day of racing tomorrow, Eastern Cup only. Mass start skate on what should be fast snow - this will be fun.

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