Friday, January 12, 2018

US Nationals and Jan Camp (so far)

Bowdoin Nordic people everywhere have been busy since New Year's!  Here's a quick rundown:

We started up team practices on Jan. 2nd - Mary and Ian were the only hardy souls on campus for that first day, but others soon arrived, and we had a nice first week of training together despite the rather brisk temps.

There was plenty of snow at Pineland.  Conditions were fantastic right from the beginning, and they got even better with a mid-week refresher.
That weekend we traveled to Jackson for a very quick training trip - a cold afternoon ski, our traditional Thai take-out eaten in the halls of the Eagle Mountain House, and a classic time trial with UNH the following morning.  It was great to mix it up with one of the top teams in the East in preparation for carnival season.
Place First Last Team Total
1 Maddie Morgan UNH 26:29:00
2 Maddy  Pfeiffer UNH 27:01:00
3 Kaja Sandsten UNH 27:05:00
4 Lily Johnston BOW 27:33:00
5 Gabby Vandendries BOW 27:38:00
6 Annavite Rand UNH 27:48:00
7 Silje Wilson UNH 27:49:00
8 Ellie Hands BOW 27:56:00
9 Hannah Peterson UNH 28:13:00
10 Sara Nichols BOW 28:20:00
11 Kristine Keller-Miller UNH 28:29:00
12 Sarah Nadeau UNH 28:50:00
13 Fiona Ahearne BOW 29:10:00
14 Lizzie Martin UNH 29:38:00
15 Mary  Kretchmer BOW 30:04:00
16 Rachel Zafren BOW 31:19:00

Place First Last Team Total
1 Peter Holmes UNH 32:13:00
2 Tyler Smith UNH 32:35:00
3 Christian Gostout BOW 33:30:00
4 Will Bodewes UNH 33:40:00
5 Jake Adicoff BOW 34:00:00
6 Sean Cork BOW 34:15:00
7 Bryce Hartman UNH 34:48:00
8 Sam Shaheen BOW 35:02:00
9 Ian Culnane BOW 35:20:00
10 Russell Boswell UNH 35:46:00
11 Luca DeAngelis BOW 36:19:00
12 Casey Shannon UNH 36:32:00
13 Russell O'Brien BOW 36:43:00
14 Noah Eckstein BOW 37:36:00
15 Ben Allen UNH 38:23:00

Meanwhile, a small crew of Bowdoin skiers past and present were tearing up US Nationals in Anchorage.  Renae finished 79th in the 10k skate, 92nd in the skate sprint, and 27th in the absurdly short and crash-marred junior 5k mass start classic.  Elliot was 36th in the 15k skate, 76th in the skate sprint, and 6th in the 10k mass start classic - just one point away from qualifying for World Juniors!  We've never had anyone come so close to making an international trip - really an impressive showing that has all of us feeling fired up for the carnival season.  On the alumni side, Kaitlynn Miller '14 was on the US podium three times in four races - 2nd American in both the classic and skate sprint and 3rd American in the 20k classic mass start.  That showing puts her in great position for the SuperTour - 2nd place overall!  No photos of racing, but I did get this great shot of a Bowdoin Nordic alumni reunion courtesy of Nat Herz '09:

(from left:  Nat, James Crimp '13, Kaitlynn, Jackson Bloch '15, Wilson Dippo '12, Nick Crawford '09)

This week we've had everyone back from Nationals, and the temps have warmed up considerably.  We had a couple days of beautiful skiing at Pineland, including a great interval session with a mini sprint time trial at the finish - the team looked sharp.
Now we find ourselves right on the verge of another carnival season - Colby Carnival starts tomorrow!  Forecast is alarming - rain turning into ice, then sleet, then snow.  This could be one of those days that we tell stories about years later - can't wait!

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