Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Morse Mountain and First Snow

We finally made it out to Morse Mountain on Saturday - hard to believe that we didn't get out to one of our best training venues until the end of October. We did a series of hard hill repeats at VO2max pace, with a surprise mini-race in the middle of the workout - a sort of reverse pursuit, where we handicapped everyone based on their times for the previous interval. It was an interesting exercise to find out who had an extra gear when we switched into race mode (or, as Scott noted, to find out who was sandbagging in the early intervals). Spencer came out on top, with Sierra close behind after an impressive finishing kick. We had several parents cheering us on, and Alec's dad Scott earned much respect by doing the whole workout with the team.

Wilson is nursing a back injury, but he came along to cheer the team on and take some photos. This is the final pitch leading up to the top.

We're glad to have Scott back with us now that his XC season has ended. He pretty much destroyed everyone in this workout.

A perfect day to be out at Morse Mountain.

Since the preserve was open for hunting, we all wore vests, but Riley probably would have been safe without one.

Drew working hard around the final turn.

Glad to be done with a very tough workout.

Like most of the Northeast, we woke up to several inches of snow on Sunday morning. We had originally planned to do an extra-long OD workout, but the weather made this unfeasible, so we switched gears and did an easy ski around the fields, capped off by some erging and a little basketball. The snow was wet and sticky and the skiing wasn't pretty, but it was skiing!

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