Sunday, November 8, 2009

Recovery Week

We've had a few pleasant days lately - some mild weather punctuated by a little short-lived snow. After a fairly tough month of training, we took it easy this week with some short and sweet speed work, a threshold session, a few easy workouts, and a beautiful almost-OD out in Bowdoinham today. We're heading into another challenging period that includes some high-intensity weeks and Thanksgiving Camp, so this was a very necessary rest.

Hannah and Maren striding it out on Highland Rd.

Chris and Jeff were moving pretty fast in this workout, but those skid marks were actually caused by a car.

James doing a technique session on the quad. Our campus is great for so many reasons - we're undoubtedly the only people at Bowdoin who appreciate the rollerskiing value of the countless nice smooth walkways.

The ladies wrapping up an OD on Ridge Rd in Bowdoinham on an absolutely perfect day.

A view from the Bowdoinham Fire Station.

Niko loving the hills on Ridge Rd and overachieving. Note the vest-only look - it's November, but you wouldn't know it from the temps. This warm weather won't seem so nice if it's still hanging around in a couple weeks...

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